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Ilex glabra

Inkberry is a slow growing evergreen shrub native to the Eastern side of North America. It’s listed as extirpated in Pennsylvania so we’d like to see this beautiful shrub integrated in human landscapes. When mature, it takes on a mound shape and may sucker to form a colony. Leaves are dark green and glossy. Individual shrubs are either male or female since it’s a holly. Flowers are tiny and greenish white in color. If flowers are pollinated on female shrubs, black inkberries will follow. These drupe-like berries are sought after by fructivore birds. This is a tough shrub, which will tolerate wet sites and exposure to salt.

Sun Exposure

Part Sun

Bloom Time

May to July

Soil Moisture

Wet to Medium

Plant Height

6-12 Feet


Fruit Eating Birds (frugivores)