Ceanothus americanus

New Jersey Tea is a native, upright subshrub that grows just to 3 ft. Branches are thin but its root systems can reach very deep into the soil, making it adaptable to a large variety of environmental conditions. It produces oval clusters of white flowers which are highly attractive to variety of native pollinators. This makes an excellent choice for pollinator gardens. In the wild, it’s often found in prairies, open woodlands, edge habitats and oak savannas. Native gamebirds feed on its seeds. The foliage of New Jersey Tea offer as a host plant to the Spring and Summer Azure butterflies as well as a few Duskywings.

Sun Exposure

Full Sun to Full Shade

Bloom Time

June to August

Soil Moisture

Medium to Dry

Plant Height

3 Feet

Host plant to

Spring and Summer Azure Butterflies