Diospyros virginiana

This medium sized tree produces edible fruit which may be consumed by humans and other mammalian fruit-eaters. Fruit are also enjoyed by birds. A ripe Persimmon will be sweet and has a similar texture to apricots or plums. American Persimmons are tolerant of many conditions, thriving in a variety of sunlight and soil types. It’s a rather slow growing tree. It’ll typically produce fruit between 7-15 years of age. You’ll need a male and female persimmon as they are dioecious, meaning a tree will be either have all male or female flowers (though, some cultivars are self fruiting, but seedless).

Sun Exposure

Full to Part Shade

Bloom Time

April to June

Soil Moisture

Medium to Dry

Plant Height

20-70 Feet

Host plant to

Luna Moths