Pycnanthemum muticum

This native perennial is in the mint family and found on the Eastern side of North America. It produces clusters of tiny tubular white, purple and/or pink flowers and grows to 1-3 feet with a 1-3 feet spread. It’ll spread both by rhizomes and self seeding. Clustered Mountain Mint thrives best in full sun. It’s not quite as drought tolerant compared to other Pycnanthemums. This mint has a wonderful aroma! The leaves can be used to make a mild tea. It attracts a wide variety of native bees, wasps and butterflies. It’s a valuable mid to late summer nectar source for pollinators!

Sun Exposure

Full to Part Sun

Bloom Time

July to October

Soil Moisture

Medium to Dry

Plant Height

1-3 Feet


a wide range of pollinators!