Boltonia asteroides

False Asters are a native perennial in the Asteraceae family. This plant is listed as an Endangered Species in Pennsylvania. This bushy, branching plant produces an overabundance of white, daisy-like flowers with yellow centers. I often find small native bee species and skipper butterflies visiting these flowers. Two native bee species are oligolectic or somewhat oligolectic to False Asters, meaning they specifically visit this particular species. Melissodes boltoniae and Perdita boltonaie have been found to be interconnected closely with False Asters. If False Asters are in decline, so will these bees. In the wild, False Aster may be found in wet woodlands, swales and marshes.

Sun Exposure

Full to Part Sun

Bloom Time

July to October

Soil Moisture

Wet to Medium

Plant Height

3-5 Feet


Perdita boltoniae, a Native Bee that specifically visits False Aster flowers