Schizachyrium scoparium

This is a perennial native grass that forms dense clumps and reaches the height of 3 feet with a 1-2 feet spread. The stems are blue-green and quite beautiful! The stems will turn red/copper in the fall and stays like that for much of winter. Mature seeds will form tufts at the end of stems, which are fuzzy and white. In the wild, it’s often found in prairies, meadows and woodland edges. It’s drought tolerant and performs well in poor soils, but it’s not wetland tolerant. The seeds will attract birds and the foliage can be used as nesting material, as well as cover. This is a larval host plant to several skipper butterflies! This grass will readily reseed itself and it’s easily propagated. May be divided up as well!

Sun Exposure

Full to Part Sun

Bloom Time

July to October

Soil Moisture


Plant Height

2-4 Feet

Host plant to

Indian Skipper Butterflies