Viburnum lentago

Nannyberry is a species of Viburnum native to North America. This large shrub is adaptable to a variety of environmental conditions. It’s usually multi-stemmed but may have a single truck. It usually sends up suckers and may form a clonal colony. Leaves are green and glossy. This shrub produces panicles of white flowers on its new growths. The fragrant flowers will stay in bloom for about 2 weeks. Once the flowers are fertilized, deep blue fruits (drupes) appear and droop off the branches. Drupes are mature by late summer or fall and each contain a single seed. These fruits are eaten by gamebirds and songbirds. Nannyberry also offers as a common nesting site for a variety of native birds. Flowers are visited by many native bee species. Foliage of the Nannyberry are a host plant to several different moths and to the Spring and Summer Azure butterflies.

Sun Exposure

Full to Part Sun

Bloom Time

April to May

Soil Moisture

Moist to Medium

Plant Height

15-20 Feet

Host plant to

Spring and Summer Azure Butterflies