Chasmanthium latifolium

Northern Sea Oats, also known as Inland or River Oats, is a grass native to central and eastern United States. It’s considered a threatened species in several States. This grass is clump forming and upright. It’s tolerant of shade and poor soils. Leaf blades are long, green and hairless. They form chevon shaped, nodding spikelets which blow about in the breeze. In the wild, they may be found in open, moist woodlands or edge habitats. This is a host plant to the Pepper and Salt Skipper butterfly, along with several other butterflies species.

Sun Exposure

Part Shade to Shade

Bloom Time

June to September

Soil Moisture

Moist to Medium

Plant Height

2-3 Feet

Host plant to

Pepper and Salt Skipper Butterflies