Solidago rigida

Stiff Goldenrod is a perennial, native to central and eastern North America. It’s also known under the botanical name, Oligoneuron rigidum. It’s a hardy plant, which can thrive in a variety of environmental and soil conditions. Leaves are green and lanceolate or ovate in shape. Central stems form clusters of bright, yellow flowers. These flowers provide as vital nectar sources for late season pollinators and as fuel for migrating Monarchs. In the wild, they may be found in a variety of prairie types. This species of goldenrod is on the decline due to habitat loss.

Note: Goldenrod does not cause hay fever as its pollen cannot become airborne. Its pollen is too large and heavy. It’s designed to adhere to insects as its means for reproduction. Ragweed is usually the culprit for hay fever because its pollen is airborne and happens to bloom the same time as Goldenrod.

Sun Exposure

Full Sun

Bloom Time

August to Oct

Soil Moisture

Medium to Dry

Plant Height

1-4 Feet


A Wide Variety of Pollinators!