Liquidambar styraciflua

Sweet Gums are large, deciduous trees that are native to much of the Eastern United States. Its leaves will have three to seven sharply pointed palmate lobes and produce brilliant autumn foliage, ranging from multiple colors of yellow to purple within its native range. Sweet Gum trees are monoecious, meaning one tree will produce both male and female flowers. The flowers are cross pollinated primarily by wind. Pollinated flowers are then followed by woody seed balls, classified as a compound fruit. When the fruit opens, the fertile winged seeds are released and are dispersed via the wind. Seeds are fed upon by many bird species, especially Chickadees, Titmice, Doves and Goldfinches. Sweet Gum trees are a host plant to numerous species, such as the Luna and Promethea moths.

Sun Exposure

Part Shade

Bloom Time

March to May

Soil Moisture


Plant Height

75-100 Feet

Host plant to

Luna Moths